About Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms makes it pretty easy to create forms for your WordPress website. It offers a platform to build custom forms. In addition to regular form fields it also offers product and payment fields. With these fields you can easily create a donation form or sell products. We’ve created some examples.

For collecting payments you’ll need a payment provider. Some of the most common used international payment methods are supported by Formidable Forms. For example PayPal and payment provider Stripe.

Pronamic Pay and Formidable Forms

Our Pronamic Pay plugin extends the Formidable Forms plugin and makes it possible to connect to multiple payment providers not supported by the plugin itself.

Mollie for Formidable Forms

One of the most popular payment providers in Europe is Mollie. Formidable Forms does not support the Mollie payment provider. Our Pronamic Pay plugin makes this possible!

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Manuals and documentation

Read our manuals for more information regarding the installation and configuration of Pronamic Pay.